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There are many issues that can contribute to hair thinning or fallout (stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, increased DHT and miRNA22 levels, impaired microcirculation and poor scalp health). Frequently, it's a combination of two or more of these issues. That’s why a holistic, 360º approach to hair wellness is the most effective way to promote sustainable hair health.

Our plant-based, multi-tasking Herbal Hair loss Oil uses a combination of clinically-tested, vegan phyto-actives that work in tandem to support a healthy scalp and revitalizing hair roots stimulating hair growth

Our 110ml hair growth oil lasts up to 2months it is blended specifically for hairloss bald spots,hair growth ,Beards and postpartum hairloss apply the oil every night pour a small amount of oil on your finger tips and massage your scalp and leave the oil over night or at least for 3hrs so your scalp can absorb the oil

This rich, intensive formula meant to help you address all of your hair concerns. From supporting length retention and nourishing hair follicles and preventing dry scalp, this organic hair oil uses natural ingredients to provide the care your hair deserves. This formula is made to be versatile! Infused with natural hair growth oils & herbal supplements to boost hair growth

Herbal hairloss oil

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